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Three players. One Winner.

A live game show unlike anything you've ever seen.

This is #BESTYOU


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Three Players. One Winner. A live show unlike anything you've ever seen. #BESTYOU is an interactive game show where three social media celebrities compete in order to become their best selves. The best part? The audience will be able to make decisions that directly impact the results of the show.

#BESTYOU tackles our dependence on technology in the 21st century--think social media, data breaches, and catfishing. Most internet moguls only show us the highlight reel, the best of their best, and we idolize them for it. But is that who they truly are? What dark secrets hide behind their screens? Well...let's find out. Join our studio audience and help our Players compete to become the best version of themselves--if it exists.

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Beckah Evans was born in College Station, TX, but relocated to Tempe, AZ at the age of nine. After becoming a mother at the age of 15, Beckah has dedicated her life to young, single mothers across the world. She has over 9.3 million followers across her social media platforms, and she frequently guest-speaks at churches and YMCAs across the country. Her charming, quirky attitude partnered with her unwavering faith has brought together individuals from various cultures, religions, and political backgrounds. When she’s not working overtime, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Ryleigh, gardening, and stopping by her neighborhood Chick-fil-A.



Yvonne Roth

Yvonne Roth comes to us from Hartford, Connecticut. The oldest of four sisters, Yvonne is known for her priceless contribution to new-age feminist works, including various essays in academic journals, such as Cambridge, Dartmouth, UPenn, and more. With over 10.2 million followers on social media, Yvonne has expanded into the Health & Fitness world. After battling a tumultuous relationship with food as a teen, Yvonne turned her struggle into a world-wide success. Her fitness guide, “VonRoth Babes” has sold over 2.5 million digital copies across the globe and was ultimately voted “Best Fitness Guide for Girls” by Women's Health Magazine. Recently, she collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to debut a line of cruelty-free products--a first for the international brand.




Xander Truitt (otherwise known as “XT”) hails from San Jose, California where he grew up alongside his younger brother, Jonah. Xander, born Benjamin Alexander Truitt, is known for his prank and challenge videos often showcasing his vulgar sense of humor. Truitt started creating content at a young age and was quick to gain popularity with his extravagant shenanigans. His following has grown to over 15.5 million subscribers throughout his social media channels. Xander attempted to go to college, but was unable to complete his studies stating that school is ‘for noobs and suckers’. Xander is known to ‘troll’ other social media stars and often mocks them in his videos.