by Nassim Soleimanpour

Aug 10 - Sep 11, 2017

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is a theatrical experiment created by Nassim Soleimanpour.

This play is comprised of many rules; most notably, the actor is not allowed to read the script before their performance. Actually, actors aren't allowed to know anything at all. This means each actor can only perform the show once.

Because of the nature of the show, we had no rehearsals and therefore, no publicity photos were taken. However, many audience members took photos and shared them with us. A few of our favorites can be found on this page.

Our Rabbits:

Aug 10 @ 7:30pm - Adrian Egolf

Aug 11 @ 7:30pm - Meredith Grundei

Aug 12 @ 7:30pm - Luke Sorge


Aug 17 @ 7:30pm - Anthony Adu

Aug 18 @ 7:30pm - Emma Messenger

Aug 19 @ 2pm - Ilasiea Gray

Aug 19 @ 7:30pm - Ben Hilzer

Aug 20 @ 2pm - Andrew Uhlenhopp


Aug 24 @ 7:30pm - Erik Fellenstein

Aug 25 @ 7:30pm - Jihad Milhem

Aug 26 @ 2pm - Julie Kaye Wolf

Aug 26 @ 7:30pm - John Hauser

Aug 27 @ 2pm - Kelly Uhlenhopp

Aug 27 @ 7:30pm - Sean Michael Cummings


Sep 7 @ 7:30pm - Anne Penner

Sep 8 @ 7:30pm - Chloe McLeod

Sep 9 @ 2pm - Jonathan Edward Brown

Sep 9 @ 7:30pm - Jeff Jesmer

Sep 10 @ 2pm - Cooper Braun-Enos

Sep 10 @ 7:30pm - Mare Trevathan

Sep 11 @ 7:30pm - Susannah McLeod


For this production, each actor sponsored a charity and we donated 10% of ticket sales from their performance to their chosen charity. The charities included:

The Colorado Humane Society

the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

PEN Center USA (which supports freedom of speech and literature)

for more information regarding the play itself and its 9-month run in New York, click here.


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for White Rabbit Red Rabbit:


Thank you to our amazing audience members who sent in the following photos of our production: